What Happened to Drive-In Theaters?
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Abandoned Drive-In Theater

The drive-in was a staple of American culture for millions of Baby Boomers, but today there are less than 400 still in operation around the country. What is this history of this cultural icon and how did it diminish to what it is today?

What was the first drive in theater?

While the concept of drive-ins existed in the early 20th century, the first recognized drive-in theater was opened on June 6, 1933 by Richard Hollingshead in Camden, New Jersey. During this era, there was a desire to watch movies in more comfort than than that provided by stiff and cramped movie theater chairs, which was a problem solved by the ability to watch movies in the comfort of your own car. The venue had an addmission cost of 25¢ per person, a capacity of 400 cars, and featured a screen that was 40-by-50 feet. The theater was a rousing success and paved the wat for thousands of others to pop up around the country within the following decades.

First drive in theater What was the hayday of the drive-in?

After the success of Hollingshead's drive in the idea spread like wildfire as the number of drive ins in America multiplied.

Orange Drive-In

Now this

Memri Drive-In Theater at night What was the drive-in's impact on teen culture?

It was impactful

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman film poster I was a Teenage Werewolf movie poster
Creature from the Black Lagoon movie poster
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