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On thedaysofold.com we love learning about niche history topics and sharing them through easy-to-digest articles. We have organized our articles into the corresponding time periods: Early Republic, Western Expansion and The Old West, Civil War and Reconstruction Era, Gilded Age, Cold War Era, and Pop Culture. We have also added a Miscellanious category for any articles that transcend these time periods. We will continue to update this page with more time periods as more articles are written. You can navigate the page with the menu below.

Early Republic (1783-1848):
Signing of Declaration of Independence

The early republic of America, after its insurrection against the British empire, faced many challenges and set-backs. From the failure of the Articles of Confederation, to the archaic definition of equality, the nation faced many impediments along the road to a more perfect union. However, while imperfect, these beginning years forged the character and beliefs of an American people that still exist today.

Aaron Burr

What was the Burr Conspiracy?
Panic of 1837

What was the Panic of 1837?
Western Expansion and The Old West (1803-1861):
Transcontinental Railroad

Romantically remembered as an anarchic time when gangs of outlaws on horses roamed the untamed lands of the desert, the Old West was less exciting in actuality. Nevertheless, with advancements made in railroads and motivated by the zeal of manifest destiny, the nation expanded to the furthest reaches of its borders, bringing with it a rejuvenated American spirit.

Mountain Men

Who were the Mountain Men?
Donner Party

What was the Donner Party?
Russellville Bank Robbery

Old West Bank Robbery Myths
Civil War and Reconstruction Era (1844-1877):
Lincoln Mending the Union Political Cartoon

A time of unrest and rebirth in the ethos of the American people, when the controversy of freedom became so highly scrutinized that the divisions in ideology eventually fractured the union.

John Brown

John Brown: Revolutionary or Murderer?
Gilded Age (1865-1898):
Child Labor

Marked by the rapid expansion of industry and mass immigration, this era saw the realization of an American conscience for justice. The steps taken during these influential years, especially towards social justice, set in motion the gears of progress for the future.

Donnor Party

What was the Gold Standard?
Soapy Smith

Who was Soapy Smith?
Robber Barons

Robber Barons or Captains of Industry?
World War I (1914-1918):
Battle of Britain Air Observer

The great war.

Zimmerman Telegraph

What was the Zimmerman Telegraph?
World War II (1939-1945):
World War II

The second world war.


How did Pervitin Impact WWII?
Cold War Era (1945-1991):

Plagued by paranoia.

Office in a Small City by Edward Hopper

Cultural Conformity in the 1950s
Survival Under Atomic Attack Pamphlet

American Angst and the Atom Bomb
Pop Culture (1950s-present):
Star Trek Stars Leonard Nemoy and William Shatner

The awakening of the American entertainment zeitgeist.

Comics Code Authority

How the Comics Code Authority Changed Comic Books
First Super Bowl Halftime Show

Evolution of the Halftime Show

What Happened to Drive-In Theaters?
John F. Kennedy

The Complete History of Presidential Drug Use and Alcoholism